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Cyber Security Essential Series

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The EC-Council Essential Series is a cybersecurity workforce development initiative by Australian Polytechnic Institute.

There is an accelerating shortage of cybersecurity professionals across the globe, including in Australia. However, becoming a cyber security specialist is way above being an IT professional. It requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, people management skills, systematic planning, technical skill, concurrency, hands-on experience, and, most importantly, hard work.

An accredited certification course globally endorsed in the industry is the best way to start. However, few well-structured courses and learning pathways are available to fill the skill gap and build a solid foundation for aspiring cyber security professionals. The EC-Council essential series is well equipped to build solid foundations and boost your confidence to combat cyber-crimes. It consists of three critical building blocks of cyber security. These are a) Network Defence, b) Ethical Hacking, and c) Digital Forensics. Each course in the series is meticulous and detailed and consists of all the learning resources in one place to make an excellent start. These courses can teach learners various techniques across industry verticals, such as securing networks, mitigating cyber risks, conducting forensic investigations, and more.

The EC-Council essential series is reasonably priced and offer super value. One payment of AUD$345 per course or AUD$945 for the entire series provides an enormous wealth of learning materials, hands-on practices, and academic support, including: