Why Choose AuPI?

Our students are at the centre of everything we do. We design our courses with a focus to support individual study choices and lifestyles. We ensure flexibility, accessibility and the best learning experience for our students. There are a number of unique features we offer to our students including:
Clear and simple course structure

A hallmark feature of the AuPI is the clarity and simplicity of its course structures. Within each unit, learning contents are broken down into sequential-interconnected small learning areas. These small learning areas are laid out in the order which should be completed with a check box function to keep track of progress. In so doing, the students can navigate their progress to date and gauge whether they are on track to meet their goals.

Learning Map

Each of our courses will provide a systematic learning map to follow. We will walk you through the course as you progress and you will always know where you are. This will help you to plan your studies, manage your time, and most importantly, you will never be lost in space.

Learn in small bites

Our flexible learning design will enable you to learn in small chunks. Each of our learning modules is sliced into several sequential pieces of small micro-modules. Any small period of free time can be transformed into a moment of effective learning by completing the micro-modules as you go. You can learn in small bites even when you are at a train station or waiting for your coffee to be served in a cafe.

Learn from industry-connected experts

Australian Polytechnic Institute (AuPI) is distinguished by its learning approach to work closely with industry professionals every step of the way. In addition, all our trainers are industry experts having years of professional experience in the relevant field of discipline. You will learn from industry practitioners. They will lead you through hands-on experiences that immerse you in the industry.

One-on-one academic consultations

AuPI provides you with personalised academic consultation support throughout your studies. You will be able to book one-on-one web conferences with our trainers and ask for academic help. An individual session can go up to 30 minutes. Depending on the course, you will be offered to book 2 to 8 sessions free of cost. Additional sessions can be booked at AUD$60/session.

Workplace ready hands-on skills

Our courses foster technical capabilities and interpersonal skills. It’s a balanced approach to training with a focus on the application of knowledge and skills. We will ensure you are trained in the real-world skills you need for success. You will learn a wide range of job-ready skills through our live webinars, one on one consultation sessions, class lessons, case studies, simulation exercises, quizzes, flashcards, Glossary of terms, self-reflective exercises, tests, formative assessments, summative assessments, and last but not the least our state of art 24/7 cloud-based hands-on live lab (for training certificates only).

24/7 Virtual live performance lab

We explore and thrive in the emerging field of digital learning technology and bring the best possible learning solutions to our learners. Our certified training courses have 24/7 cloud-based training labs with various hardware and operating systems allowing the students to practice and master their skills. The simulated lab environment also prepares our students for the performance-based questions within the certification exams.

Study “Anytime – Anywhere”

Our courses are 100% online. You will be able to access our class lectures and learning resources anytime – anywhere. You can study at your own pace, at your own place.

On “Any device”

We place a premium value on accessibility. Our digital learning platform is designed to be accessed from all android and IOS devices including tablets and smartphones. With a single sign-on ability you can access all learning resources 24/7. Students can navigate the courses easily from their devices which gives them additional options on how, when and where they can learn and practice.

Trainer-led Small Classes

Smaller class sizes provide a more immersive and effective learning environment. This harnesses an engaging and friendly learning environment, offering aspiring hands-on, industry-level skills. Our class sizes are small. It’s no more than 15 students/class. You will be able to collaborate with peers and spend more time with the trainer.

Future Your Career

Ready to find out more?

Australian Polytechnic Institute (AuPI) is a 100% Australian owned education provider. We meticulously select and offer a narrow range of courses exceedingly desirable in the current job market across the globe. Our courses are pragmatic and designed to foster the application of knowledge, workplace skills, and job readiness. AuPI will ensure you are trained with the real-world skills you need for a successful career. This belief is expressed through our philosophy of being ‘Future Your Career with AuPI